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May 16-19, 2024


Williamson, NY


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Watercolor Red Apples on Branch

Announcing the 2024 theme...

Watercolor Red Apples on Branch

Congratulations to Alexa Durfee for choosing the winning theme for the 2024 festival



The kiddie parade kicks off the festival. come watch kids walk, bike, and ride their way down main street!

Food Stands at a Carnival


the fun continues! Grab some food from one of our great vendors and check out the crafters for some wonderful homemade gifts. Ride some rides at the carnival, and then join us at grandstand for the annual street dance!

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Food and craft vendors are open all day! Ride your favorite rides, and be sure to grab a great seat for the parade!

Join us at the grandstand for the saturday street dance and round off the night with fireworks at the middle school!


To end the festivities, pay one price at the carnival and ride until It closes! Join the williamson fellowship of churches for worship service at the grandstand. Check out the annual car show and dont forget to buy those Items from the crafters you’ve been eyeing!

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